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Have you ever pulled on a thread only to have a hem come completely unraveled?

Life can be like that, sometimes…

One thing after another seemingly falls apart…

What you reconstruct looks different, yet somehow feels completely right…

By a Thread: Resilience Strategies for the Partially Unraveled

- Second Edition -​

#2 Best New Release in Mid-Life Management

#2 Best New Release in Self-Esteem

By a Thread offers useful strategies—large and small—for overcoming hardship when everything feels like it’s too much. From deep breathing to grieving, you’ll be inspired to do more than simply “hang on,” and leverage the ideas included in the book to develop your own strategies.

It’s a truth that we all face adversity at some point in our lives; it’s how we respond to and recover from it that makes all the difference.

Praise for By a Thread

"The thoughts and insights Nicolette shares will have you pondering long after
you finish the words on the pages. Give yourself the gift of devouring By a Thread, and then give it to those you love."

"Told with humor and love, By A Thread contains practical exercises to help you
become more resilient, no matter what you’re facing."

"By a Thread is beautifully written and gives you concise, concrete
strategies to help you propel your life forward outside of your
comfort zone."

Jodee Bock | Life Purpose Coach, Author, and Host of the Circle Up and Get Real Podcast

Jill Celeste | Author of Loud Woman: Goodbye, Inner Good Girl!

Jodi Franklin | AFMC,
Functional Medicine Practitioner

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This Book is for Anyone Who...

  • Needs practical and simple strategies for moving through challenging times;

  • Wants to learn language that makes the shift happen;

  • Struggles with perfectionistic tendencies;

  • Is looking to find peace within even when they only find chaos outside of themselves;

  • Believes there is a better way to go through life and just hasn't found it yet; and,

  • So much more.

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About the Author...

Nicolette Blanco has been stitching her life together for six decades (and beyond). In careers that included work with at-risk youth, health coaching, and health care management, she has witnessed hundreds of examples of adversity and triumph. Her sense of humor in sharing the unraveling in her own life, makes her shared life lessons uniquely relatable. A lover of music, great food, and gray November days, Nicolette lives in Natick, Massachusetts. By a Thread is her first book.

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